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Tokyo Tourism Rep

Tokyo Visitors Bureau

The UK based Tokyo tourism rep was started in 2007. It was founded in cooperation with the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), in order to act as a point of contact for information about and promotion of Tokyo tourism, as well as supporting press tours. In addition to hosting an annual tourism seminar for travel agents and media in the UK, the company also promotes public and media advertising in the city of London. 

Tobu Railway Sightseeing Rep

Tobu Railway

We acted as a point of contact for providing information and sales in the United Kingdom. We provided a wide range of services, from network building with local travel agencies and media, to information sharing and supporting FAM and media trips, and arranging publicity and advertisements. In addition to raising awareness, we also launched promotions aimed at increasing the number of visitors and sharing the attractions and wonders of the area. 

Kanagawa Prefecture Tourism Rep

Kanagawa Prefecture

As a tourism liaison for Kanagawa Prefecture, we collected and publicised information for UK travel agencies and media outlets. We not only held focus groups for creating tours, but also consistently provided effective promotion to increase the number of visitors to the prefecture through strategies including support for FAM and media trips, distribution of monthly newsletters, exhibition at tourism expos such as WTM, and exclusive seminar events. 

Okinawa Prefectural Tourism Rep

Okinawa Convention Visitors Bureau

We acted as a UK point of contact for information on Okinawa prefectural tourism, and we were engaged in establishing relationships with local travel agencies for product development and providing the latest travel information. In addition to providing regular press releases to the media, we also arranged press coverage support and advertisements. We organised training and boutique seminars on everything about Okinawa, from basic knowledge to up-to-the-minute news. 

ARIGATO in London

Tokyo Metropolitan Government • Asahi Beer • Sega Sammy • Nikon • Pioneer • Others

The event aimed to restart promotion of Japan by sending out the message of “ARIGATO” for the massive worldwide support for disaster recovery after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami. It was co-hosted by Japanese companies and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and ran for two weeks during the London Olympics, at a prime location near the London Eye. We offered a variety of traditional Japanese summer attractions such as quoits, yo-yo fishing, and Japanese taiko drum performances, as well as video game and technology demonstrations, sake tasting and more. 

Hatsune Miku

Amuse • Lantis

We performed the London promotion for Hatsune Miku’s first European Tour HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2018 EUROPE. The company handled organisation and operations for the concert, including venue and vendor selection and management, ticket sales, advertising, travel arrangements, and merchandising management. 

Kansai Region Seminar

Kansai Airport

In April 2019, we held a seminar for people in the travel industry to promote tourism in the Kansai area to the English market in association with British Airways London and Kansai International Airport. It was held at the British Museum with participation of the Kansai regional association, Kansai tourism headquarters, Nara Prefecture, and the Kinki Transport Bureau. We offer support with everything from venue management to invitations and presentations.

Tokyo-London Financial Seminar

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

The Tokyo-London Financial Seminar, a financial seminar organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in cooperation with the City of London, was held at a historic building in the city of London. We managed all aspects of the event from organisation to operations, including the selection and coordination of the venue, invitations, catering, moderation, and post-event support. 

London Tosa Sake Fair

Kochi Prefecture

The event was held in the ballroom of the Japanese Embassy in the UK in order to improve the recognition of Japanese Sake produced in Kochi and to foster business relations. Nine breweries from Kochi came to introduce their products to about 150 invitees including Japanese sake and food distributors, buyers, restaurateurs, and food journalists. The head chef of ROKA, a top Japanese restaurant in London, was invited to give lectures on the finer points of sake, such as pairing dishes with sake and sake-based cocktails.

Taste Japan

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Demonstrations and tastings were held on themes such as “Japanese Food for Parties/Picnics” and “Healthy Konyaku Pasta Menu.” We showed off Japanese sake cocktails that could be made at home, organised tastings for shochu • Japanese wine • whiskey • plum wine, and shared recipes utilizing Japanese sake. The company organised a large-scale, long-term promotional campaign, including advertising at 100 tube stations to attract customers, direct sales of featured sake and other ingredients, and distribution of recipes to stores after the event. 

Umami Summit in London


This was an event aimed at expanding the recognition of umami in the United Kingdom to coincide with the publication of the book DASHI and UMAMI, which was published to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of umami. Industry influencers, such as well-known chefs, culinary industry associations and food journalists were invited to take part in demonstrations and tastings from long-established Japanese chefs. The event was included as a special feature article in UK media, including The Times newspaper and restaurant industry magazine The Restaurant Magazine. 

Online promotion


We worked with the online shop Ocado to bring more visitors to their specialty Japanese food page. We arranged Facebook and Instagram ads, from marketing to appealing ad design to post-campaign metrics and analysis. We also arranged for advertorials on the food magazine olive’s website. We also arranged for the distribution of a newsletter in the print magazine and advertisements in social media to send traffic to the Japanese specialty page on the Ocado website. 

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